Moradores de rua

Last Saturday Elisabeth, Hannah and I helped cooking for a project for homeless people, for which a Tia of Elisabehth’s Creche us invited. This happening is organized once per month by her church comunity. They are meeting Friday in the evening and the following Saturday and cook about 500 dishes, which they distribute on Saturday … More Moradores de rua

First Times

I couldn’t imagine before coming here how many things I would do for the first time an how this would change my ideology and way of living. Here are some impressions: Starting to work in a NGO Talking a language without learning it before Seeing the housing in a Favela Living together with starngers in … More First Times

A Day of My Work

About the bad, we cannot have any illusions. There were thinkers, who believed in the goodness in man, in the pure human. We believe that in the human soul there is a constant fight between the good and the bad.  However, the essence of each individual is good, the spiritual shrine of human being is … More A Day of My Work