Praça Franklin Roosevelt 

This place is near of the “Rua Augusta” is a Nice place to sit down together with your friends and appreciate the nightlife. Its a flat and huge place, that`s why there are many people with skaters and skateboards. You can even find some people riding their bikes around the place . Another good thing is, are the pizza’s selling guys always around on the place. sSo you don`t need to worry about your hungry .hunger .

Praça do pôr do Sol

The Praça do pôr do Sol, also known as Square Coronel Custódio Fernandes Pinheiros, is located in “Alto do Pinheiros” in the eastern zone.
The square is a meeting point of diverse youth cultures and people of all ages. It is an excellent place to take a walk, meditate, make picnic, play the guitar and enjoy the end of the afternoon.
At the end of the day, especially when the sky is clear, people are arriving- by bus, bike, motorcycle, car or just on foot. Alone, with relatives, friends and lovers, arriving without haste, already adapting the atmosphere of the place.
The square is located in a high region of the city and the view is pretty awesome. In the distance you can see a skyline of buildings, behind that, a stripe of vegetation.
You will find everything there: ordinary people, painters, photographers, musicians with acoustic guitars, a tightrope walker who walks on a rope stretched between trees and even professional cameramen from an independent production company. On weekends with good weather the location receives around 2000 visitors They are gathering especially at the inclined top of the terrain, where the view of the horizon is better. It is a beautiful spectacle when the sun starts to set. Everyone is numbed by what happens in nature.
And the sun sets…tomorrow it returns, when the weather helps!



Paulista (on sundays)

Paulista, the most famous street of São Paulo, framed by high buildings, graffities and cafes… to me it always seemed like the heart of São Paulo.
Normally full of traffic, packed, but if you go there on sundays, you suddenly find yourself inmidst of loud muisc – hiphop, rock, brazilian music, samba, an old man playing the violin, a young lad singing while his fingers strum the guitar chords softly. Two guys imitating Micheal Jackson amazingly talented, one year olds running around, air full of voices. Everywhere there are street sellers, offering SCHMUCK, handmade clothes, books, bags, selling beautiful paintings and photographs.
People standing around in bulks, listening to the music, dancing, sometimes eve dance-crews practice and perform in the middle of the street, others walking – groups, couples, friends, laughing and singing and talking, riding the bike or running … never silent, never boring, always different and so full of live. To me it is a place of living freedom and individuality, of art and happiness, an incorporation of the São Paulo I love.

How to get there:
Ônibus: 6450-10 Terminal Bandeira / 6451-10 Terminal Bandeira (faster)
(Parada Vila das Belezas / Giovanni Gronchi -> Parada Getulio Vargas )


Praça Roosevelt

Praça Roosevelt (Square Roosevelt) is a big square in the Républica (part of São Paulo). It’s surrounded by some high buildings and the meeting point for skaters, dancers, various political resistance slams and every kind of people during the day and especially during the night. Everyone sits on the tiny murals, or on the various stairs or even on the floor, drinking beer and conversing, having fun, watching the skaters..
It’s a unique place and it has e very special flair – it’s individual, it’s full of interesting people, it’s the Center of São Paulo and it’s just very cool.

How to get there:
Ônibus: 6450-10 Terminal Bandeira / 6451-10 Terminal Bandeira (faster)
(Parada Vila das Belezas / Giovanni Gronchi -> Terminal Bandeira (last stop) )


Parque Burle Marx

The little park Burle Marx is not very far from Monte Azul and it’s worth overcoming one’s own laziness (not that I really did that, but well…) and make the 20 minute effort! Different than the rest of Monte Azul, Santo Amaro or well, the whole area, it’s not full of grey cement but very very green. It’s got meadows and monkeys and a lot of trees, and especially during sunset, it’s great for taking pictures, relaxing in the sun and escaping the strain São Paulo tends to put on you.


Parque Ibirapuera

The biggest park of São Paulo in which Brazilians proudly do long bike tours – spoiler: you need around 15 minutes to bike down all the existing paths.
But it really is a very nice wide open space, meadows and trees and a river, with volley-ball, tennis and basketball fields … and sometimes you just need to hear the wind playing with the leaves and you forget the metropolitan stress 🙂 You can rend bikes there (and do the 15 minutes tour), visit the Afro-Brasil museum or just lie on green grass and relax.



Galeria do Rock

If you are a rock person or a architecture person or just a cool person, you shouldn’t miss this cool building full of tiny shops that sell really cool and rocky clothes, CD’s, offer to make tattoos or haircuts or prints. Located in the Republica, it very much has this alternative individual flair, that amazes everyone.


How to get there:
Ônibus: 6450-10 Terminal Bandeira / 6451-10 Terminal Bandeira (faster)
(Parada Vila das Belezas / Giovanni Gronchi -> Terminal Bandeira (last stop) )

Metro:      ->  “Républica” (yellow line)


Centro Cultural São Paulo

The Cultural Center of São Paulo is a place where Music, Theater, Movies and Art of all kind lives. Always filled with interesting people learning, chilling, dancing, it offers a diverse program of shows and events that mostly are cheap. It’s a place that like the Paulista or the Praça Roosevelt shows this wonderful diverse and artsy character of São Paulo, it’s better half if to say so.



Parque Cantareira

This park in the north of São Paulo is definetly worth a visit. From Vila das Belezas / Monte Azul you need about two or three hours to get there, but it’s amazing to wander through the woods and you’ll have the panoramic famous view of São Paulo.
You should take food with you though 😉