Cine na Praça

For every movie lover, this is a true treasure.
Every then and now, a couple hundreds of mostly young people head to the open air cinema in Pinheiros to sit on the big stairs in the night and watch internationally acclaimed movies on the big screen. It’s a diverse crowd, chatter and laughter and life in the air – I fell in love with the mood within a second.
So grab your favorite people, a warm pullover and maybe some wine and sink into some story in midst of whispers, darkness and a city that itself is a home to another millions of stories.


If youre looking for a cool crowd, brazilian music, small balconies and an empty bathtube (yeah, right) … the Trackers is a cool club, various rooms on the fifth floor of a Republica-Building – including two dance-floors, a nice long bar, a very small balcony that goes around the building, and the already mentioned kicker and really, no joke, an empty bathtube in a room full off graffity and red light.
It’s a mix of dancing, hanging out, drinking beer, having fun, being with friends.. definitely it’s nice to go with a group !

Adress: Rua Dom José de Barros, 337, São Paulo
Metro -> Estação Republica (linha amarela)


A very cool relaxed Reggae-Club, with a cool Reggea-Crowd. There’s a wall full of speakers and then a crowd relaxedly dancing in front of these speakers, cigarettes glowing in the dark, black-light – you should wear something white – and try the Caipirinha.

Adress: Rua General Jardim, 269, São Paulo
Metro -> Estação Republica (linha amarela)


Freak House

Ever wanted to go to a party that starts at noon? Freak House gotcha ^^
This Techno-Party happens once a month on a saturday, starting at noon, ending at midnight, and it’s really bacana. There are various dance-floors, a really cool veranda, sight of the typical Skyline, great calpirinha, and very cool music that goes from techno to absolutely amazing remixes of “hit the road jack”.
The great thing is – you chill, you relax, you got great music, great drinks, cool conversations, sunsets and even sometimes starry skies, you can lose yourself in the music for hours and even if you stay forever, you’ll still be almost fit and awake the next day! Hallelujah 😀

Adress: Rua Oliveira Melo, 1094, São Paulo
Metro -> Estação Santos-Imigrantes (linha verde)