Worth it.

Imagine when the Sky becomes the ground and the earth takes its place. Imagine you jump into a space bigger than anything else you ever experienced. Imagine you are falling, falling and falling and for a minute it feels like you will hit the ground every moment – but it will take 5 minutes more … More Worth it.

So many feelings

a Flashback As I came here, I didn’t know how it will be and how I will feel once when I arrived. You try to imagine the new world you’re entering as good as you can, I asked the old volunteers of Monte Azul about everything. But it can never prepare you for the adventure … More So many feelings

Chapada Diamantina

I just came back from one month of holidays, which was almost too long for me. Especially before starting into the free time I had many difficulties to decide where I even wanted to go. But in the end it came down to four “main” places. One of them and my most favorite was the … More Chapada Diamantina

Between the worlds

A crowd of people is streaming out from the elevators and the staircases. The people are dressed in fine clothes,  wearing suits with long ties and all looking very formal. They are in a hurry. Some of them are nearly running. Business man for business man is passing by and fleetingly having a look at us. … More Between the worlds