Vulamasango – Photographs and Comments

At the beginning of July the Association Monte Azul received special guests from South Africa. Nine youths and three managers of the organisation “Vulamasango-Open Gates”, including the founder Florian Krämer, spend two weeks in São Paulo together with the Community of Monte Azul. The two weeks were marked by various cultural exchanges, conversations, joy and … More Vulamasango – Photographs and Comments

Your Value in Someone Else’s Hands – a March between Love and Violence

São Paulo, the 18th of June, midday – bright sun makes thousands of people squint their eyes as the stare at the colorful celebrating mass of happiness. Balloons with the big print “PRIDE – since 1997” over the countless heads, faces with glitter and rainbow flags in the crowd, music humming through the air, people … More Your Value in Someone Else’s Hands – a March between Love and Violence

The Unique Experience of Actual Craziness within Daily Life.

One thing that should be mentioned when talking about Brazil: riding the bus is sometimes more thrilling than riding a roller coaster. Indeed – whoever at some point in his life daydreamed about flying through midair should definitely go and take a bus in São Paulo. Because there it is entirely possible to be lifted … More The Unique Experience of Actual Craziness within Daily Life.

Bê Ignacio

Bê Ignacio, alias Betina, singer and songwriter, daughter of a German mother and Brazilian father, grew up in São Paulo, studied there in a Waldorf school, but spent a big part of her childhood in the Comunidade Monte Azul in the south zone of São Paulo, where her parents Renate and Paulo, together with Ute … More Bê Ignacio

Clevertons Tale

Let me tell you a story Cleverton told – the boy that comes everyday with new scars, eyes so full of sadness turned into anger, even hate, defiantly, as if screaming, if you hate me I hate you – and then, if you go forward and give him all the love and happiness you can find … More Clevertons Tale

A Day of My Work

About the bad, we cannot have any illusions. There were thinkers, who believed in the goodness in man, in the pure human. We believe that in the human soul there is a constant fight between the good and the bad.  However, the essence of each individual is good, the spiritual shrine of human being is … More A Day of My Work