The Blog

A diverse blog about the experience of being a volunteer in the A. C. Monte Azul, about being confronted with Difference, Distinction and Difficulties, about living in a vast metropolis, a society so divided, about the vivid beauty and brutality reality presents and about altering preconceived ideas – your own and those of others.
A blog about a place where one young woman with the tough intention to make a change gave proof that transformation is possible – and never-ending.

We all want to make a difference, may it be out of the intention to do important work, may it be out of the intention to self-actualize, may it be out of the knowledge that more than ever this world needs every attempt of a positive change. This blog is about how we try to make this attempt and about the place where we do so.

Our intention

The decision to work as a volunteer abroad comes with a lot of responsibility and organizational skill. After arriving in Brazil you will be confronted with loads of impressions. New country, new language, new mentality, new work,…all these changes can be challenging. From experience we know that it would help a lot to have a little more information about what to expect. So we decided to create a platform from volunteers for volunteers, which gives a deeper insight into the work as a volunteer here in Associação Comunitário Monte Azul and the life in Brazil in general.

We have been thinking about what kind of information we would like to share with you and came up with four categories:

  • from the diary of a volunteer
  • stories&memories
  • brasilidade
  • art&culture