Colder than you would expect

There is one little but dangerous thing that foreigners are constantly underestimating about São Paulo: the weather

When you come from Central Europe and you think about Brazil there are always the same pictures popping up in your head: caipirinha, beach, samba, sun and above all, hot summer weather. We keep forgetting or ignoring that Brazil is huge and has a lot of different climes.

So one of the first experiences almost every new volunteer makes, is realizing, that he or she didn’t pack nearly as much warm clothes as he or she should have.

The weather in São Paulo is absolutely crazy. It changes quickly from one extreme to another. And against all expectations it can get pretty cold. You won’t find protection from that coldness in your home either, since good isolation and heating is not common in brazil. It makes sense, when you think about the fact that houses here are mainly constructed for summertime.

The point is, to be prepared. Take your winter jacket, your grandma-socks and warm shoes. You will need it. Believe me.

Sarah Schmid



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